Press review « The arrival (in September 2015) of a conductor with an energy and an irresistible potential of expressivity has rapidly led to the musical troops of the orchestra uniting behind a spirited leader of men and of his ambitions. Very much in favour of the outreach programs, which the orchestra already pursues at a heady pace, enthusiastic about the benefits that music has on young people unfamiliar with its treasures. The Scotsman Douglas Boyd, in his fifties, brought up in a system favouring personal development, argues with force on this front as well as many others. »

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Jacqueline Thuilleux for, portrait/interview of Douglas Boyd, 19th September 2016


Pèlerin Magazine: « As an enthusiastic football fan, the Scotsman knows how to motivate his team. » When Mozart wrote this piece he wanted it played by the greatest orchestra in the world. At this very moment, you are the greatest orchestra in the world! »

Alice Le Dréau, Pèlerin, « Portrait Quo Vadis à Paris », 7th April 2016 « Since his official appointment in September 2015, the sound and personality of the orchestra has dramatically changed. From being a somewhat jaded group of musicians, albeit individually gifted, attracting audiences by virtue of such guest artists as pianist Fazil Say or contralto Nathalie Stutzmann, it has become an exciting entity in its own right, with orchestra members extending their joy of music to their spectators. »

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Patricia Boccadoro for Culture Kiosque, regarding Douglas Boyd, 15th March 2016 « It is well known that the orchestra presently directed by Douglas Boyd is deeply involved in creating a place for music in the social fabric, and that reaching out to underprivileged communities is a priority. »

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Lorenzo Ciavarini Azzi for Culturebox, on the activities of the Orchestre de chambre de Paris in the Meaux Prison, 9th February 2016


RTL: « After a number of departures due to retirement, approximately ten new musicians in their twenties and thirties have taken up posts in the orchestra and their talents have impressed both the public and critics alike (…). Great energy and beautifulsonority (…). For Boyd, music can work miracles especially when it is democratized (…). « In music there are no social differences », this is the message which Douglas Boyd wishes to convey. Our music is capable of expressing terror, love, sadness, joy… all the emotions. Our music is not classical, but rather miraculous. »

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Charlotte Latour, RTL, on Douglas Boyd and the opening of the season of the Orchestre de chambre de Paris, 6th October 2015



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